Who does Google think you look like?

September 05, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Ever google yourself and your image comes up?  Click here for my image and who the internet thinks I look like.  I got some pretty famous people like Simon Cowell, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Mark Zuckerberg.  Nobody really that handsome though.  My wife on the other hand got women like Faith Hill and Charlize Theron!  I knew I married her for a reason!  If you want to know how to search for your image watch this video.  


As a photographer, this is just one way I look for my work online.  I have mixed feelings when I see my photographs on Facebook or Twitter or other social media feeds that I know the client hasn't purchased.  At first I'm pissed off because they stole my art!  Then I'm flattered because they stole my art.  But then I'm pissed off again because they cropped it at a bizarre aspect ratio and they are missing the beautiful scenery in the background that I intended to be in the photo.  Is it flattering for the photographer to know that they loved the photo so much that they had to steal it?  You know what's even more flattering to the photographer?  Buy the photo!  Purchase a print.  Put it on a vivid metal and hang it in your home like it's a piece of art!  Don't butcher it and post on your Facebook wall for it to be liked once and forgotten!

For my clients that have purchased your images, I thank you!!!!  It is the best feeling in the world for a photographer to create an image that will be cherished by the family for many years.  It doesn't have to be some large format print that takes up your entire wall.  Photo books are just as precious.  5x7's are nice too.  My clients and repeat customers know the importance of prints.  These photographs that hang on their wall or the album that sits on the coffee table are important memories and are much more meaningful than a facebook post that is lost in cyberspace.  

Support your local photographer!  Buy your image.


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