Modern Day Bride

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Most people don't know that the tradition of the veil and bouquet predate wearing a white dress.  Wearing a white wedding dress didn't come about until 1840 when Queen Victoria decided to wear "The White Dress That Changed Wedding History Forever".
20160911-Leslie-Bridal-8267Modern Day BrideRed Bench Wedding Photography Back then the veil was much thicker and heavier to completely hide the bride's face from the groom especially in the case of arranged marriages.  This is why the father would have to walk her down the aisle to "give her away" so she could find her way.  Concealing the bride's face would also deter bandits from kidnapping her for ransom.  The bride's maids would be dressed in similar outfits to confuse would be kidnappers.

The bouquet used to be edible made of garlic, dill (also known as herb of lust) and other strong spices.  Some believed the arrangements would ward off evil spirits.  After the wedding, the bride and groom would eat the arrangement to increase their sexual desire in order to consummate their marriage.  The days of the plague, they would clutch these herbs over their nose and mouths in a desperate effort to survive.  Over time the modern day bride added pretty floral arrangements to improve the smell and look.

I love the look of the modern day bride and how they have improved these historical traditions for their special day.  This makes the wedding photographer's job easier to make them look so much more beautiful.  Wedding photos and wedding albums are so much more prettier when you can see the bride's face with a nice bouquet of flowers.


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