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I go back and forth on watermarking my my images.  When I post to social media I don't watermark because of copyright laws that protect the photographer.  Besides, I would be so lucky if Google or Yahoo decides steal one of my images.  That would be a dream case for my lawyer!  Can you image what I could settle for?  Anyway, copyright laws for small town photographers like me protect my images upon creation.  In other words, you take a photo with your iphone and upload to instagram.  From that point your photo is protected under federal law the moment it was created.  Click here to go to the copyright FAQ page.  

Getting back to watermarking my images, I've had clients copy their photos from the gallery and post them to social media without paying for them. They clip out the watermark and make an irregular crop essentially ruining my work.  Further more, what they don't realize they are committing a federal crime.  What's worse is they are stealing from me and my family.  I am a professional photographer that relies on my clients purchasing products whether it be digital or prints.  So I continue to watermark my images.  It's unfortunate because I think the watermark takes away and distracts from a beautiful image.  Watermarks have ruined photography because people will continue to try an get away from paying for their images. 


Next time you think about clipping an image from a website, just remember you are committing a felony.  So instead of having to go through the embarrassment of getting a nasty letter from a copyright lawer, just ask your photographer if you can have one or two images for social media.  I will always work with my clients that ask permission to use one of my images.  Besides, it's free advertising.


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