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Storytellers are amazing people.  To be able to capture the attention of an audience for any amount of time to tell them a simple story with words, no props, no background music, no visual aids, just words from their mouth to your ears.  Story telling has been the cornerstone of our human existence and have made a lot of stories timeless.  From Arabian Nights to Grimm's Fairy Tales, these are stories we still tell our children to this day.

I want you to meet Mij Byram, storyteller.  She asked me to take some headshots for her.  She was a little nervous at first but when my granddaughter came in she really lit up now that she had an audience. 

Best Photographer in Tamarac, FLMij-Byram-StorytellPhoto captured by Jake Headshots for Mij ByramMij-Byram-StorytellerHeadShot by Jake at

I was amazed how captivated Autumn was by Mij and I am so glad I witnessed the magic of her storytelling.  Mij tells stories for a living and she is very good at it.  She says it's all about the connection between her and the listener.  She almost flips a switch inside your head to get your imagination working.

It was a pleasure watching Mij.  She taught me something that day.  It's about the connection.  When I start photographing my model I jump right in and I'm all business.  I forget to connect with the person on the other side of my camera.  Mij creates that connection with her audience and something magical happens.  I want that magical connection with the person I'm photographing.  To be able to tell their story through the photographs I take.



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