"F" Words

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I try not to use the obvious “F” word.  I now replace it with better “F” words.  These “F” words help me grow and get better at portrait and wedding photography.  I hope these words can be helpful to you as well.    

Faith is the first “F” word.  Have faith and believe in yourself and what you are doing!  Too many times we doubt ourselves and this leads to poor self-esteem and self-worth.  For example, the scariest thing for me is putting myself out there for the world to judge.  Photography can be so subjective and to have someone tell you your image is not deserving of a merit can be heartbreaking!  I believe I am on the right track with my photography with constantly trying to improve on my portrait work and wedding photography.  This year will be my first entry into a competition.  I have faith that I will grow and get better with helpful critiques from my peers, other master photographers and especially my clients.

Red Bench PhotographyFaithHave Faith and Believe in Yourself

Focus is key in portrait and wedding photography.  Focus will lead the viewers eyes to what matters.  Otherwise their eyes will wonder all over the photograph and the viewer will struggle with what to focus on.  It’s the same with your goals and everyday tasks.  Without clear, precise and directional focus, you’ll be frustrated and not accomplish anything you wanted to get done.  I’m a photographer first but sometimes I go through an entire day without picking up my camera simply because I have lost focus on the tasks I needed to get done first.  I start with editing an image but then I start working on a blog or I’ll practice putting.  I lost my focus but I can get it back, sometimes.  I just need to remind myself of what counts and what matters.

Red Bench PhotographyFocus on What Matters and What CountsWithout Focus the viewer is lost

Have faith, have focus, but most importantly, have Fun!  Otherwise, what’s the point.  My wife always says, “If you aren’t Happy, GET Happy!”  Find your happiness.  My happiness is taking portraits of everyday people.  I make people smile.  If they smile, I smile then we are all having fun!  It’s the best job I’ve ever had!


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