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July 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Have you ever thrown out a floppy disc or even a CD? Was it because you just couldn't get the data off it?  Do you even remember what was on it?  Now a days it’s a USB or a digital download.  I’m a photographer and I shoot in raw format sometimes called a digital negative.  I edit these raw files and create jpg’s which are the files that you or one of my bride’s get after their photo session.  If I give them the raw file, they wouldn’t be able to view the image so it has to be processed into something they can view and enjoy.  

I fail to understand my customer’s need to have all the digital files from their wedding or even from their family photos.  The digital images of today have no value because people just swipe through them and forget about them.  In a few years they’ll forget where they downloaded them on their computer or their hard drive crashed and destroyed everything on it.  Even if they preserve their USB with all their images, there may not be a computer old enough to view them.  Does anyone have any 3.5” floppy discs?  You’d be hard pressed to find a computer that can read them.  Wouldn’t it be better if you had a wedding album that you can show off.  Better yet, a large framed photo of your family.  These are the documents that stand the test of time and technology.

The video below shows a better example of what I’m talking about.  We live in a digital age no doubt, but don’t forget the true value in printing your images and making it a permanent feature in your home.


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