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Jake Jacobson

Specializing in Weddings and Family & Professional Portraiture

I love my camera. I love photographing Weddings and Portraits.  I love to shoot on location, at the beach, the park or even your own backyard.  I would love to make your photo session fun and a great experience!  I want to make your portraits into my art work and have it hang in the greatest galleries in the world, your home!

On a personal note, I'm a simple, easy going, laid back, shorts and t-shirt kind of guy. I am shy yet confident. In other words, I don't go out of my way to talk to people. Instead, I just watch and listen. I prefer to be behind the scenes and definitely behind the camera. My wife, Kate, says I should smile more.  I usually think I am smiling but it doesn't always come across that way.  It's just my face. It's who I am and that's OK. So don't think that I'm not a happy person.  I love my life and enjoy slowing down to smell the roses.  Just take a look at our latest vacation video.