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Digital vs Print

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When was the last time you printed your favorite photo?  Statistics show that a staggering 53% of consumers haven’t printed a photo in more than 12 months, 70% don't have photo albums, and 42% no longer print photos at all.  When’s the last time you backed up your images from your phone or your computer?  67% don’t actively back up their photos from their phone.  That’s scary especially when 4.5 million phones were stolen or lost in the US in 2014.

Digital media has changed drastically in the last 10 years.  As a wedding photographer, I get a kick out of a bride asking for a CD of their images when they can’t even remember the last time they used a CD themselves.  Nowadays, it’s either a USB or Cloud subscriptions.  Printing has been a stable media for almost 200 years.  I would imagine it will still be around long after I’m dead and gone.  But what if all my photos were just on Facebook or on the “cloud”.  Can my family get to them?  Will all of my images be gone forever and never be seen by my grandchildren?

Printing your favorite images add value to the photograph.  You can touch it and admire it.  Most of all they will remember you even after you are gone.  Soon they will become family heirlooms to be inherited by future generations to come.

Our culture has made a dramatic shift to digital media.  Being digital has improved our lives in many ways.  Being a portrait photographer it’s made my life so much easier from taking the photo to post processing.  But, I have to remind myself of how important it is to print my favorite photos.  I want to encourage all of you to do the same.  There are ways to print directly from your phone.  Click here for some examples. 

But that thing about selfies is it’s tough to get the entire family in just an arm’s reach with a cell phone.  Hire a photographer to take your family photos.  Don’t forget to ask about their print packages.  Get some prints for the grandparents of course but then choose a product for you and your family that you can enjoy for many generations.  If you live in Broward County I’m available for both during the week and weekends for family photography sessions.  Christmas is coming up and photos of the kids always make a great gift for the grandparents.


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Located in West Tamarac, my studio can accommodate small families for group and individual portraits.  If you prefer the park or beach, I have several locations I can recommend based on what kind of scenery you like.

Be sure to check the weather before booking an outdoor photo session.  Depending on the forecast we may have to reschedule your shoot due to weather.

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