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June 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The other day, a customer called about photograph restoration.  I almost recommend that she go to a friend of mine from the guild.  But then I figured, I have a scanner and Photoshop so sure, why not.  Wait, you want to come over now?  You need it today?  OK, let’s do it!  She shows up 10 minutes later and we start to work on her photographs.

The first couple were in great shape.  They look well preserved like they were in a frame or a photo album.  Then she shows me this tiny 3x5 that was in pretty bad shape.  They edges were folded.  The highlights were blown out.  Lots of dust particles.  Oh boy! Here we go.  In my mind I was thinking she wanted it blown up to an 8x10 or even worse, poster size!  To my relief she only needed it as a 4x6.  Phew!  We can do that!  I scanned the photo as 600dpi. The scan came out nice.  So then I fixed the color, reduced some of the highlights, bumped up the shadows, removed the dust spots and fixed the crease and folds that were in the original photograph.  She was very impressed but most importantly very happy with the results.  Turns out she was in the navy and one of the few women stationed on a battleship.  They wanted to honor and write about her and they needed photos.  I am so glad I was able to help her out.

Photography has given me many other skills other than photographing portraits and wedding.  As a photographer I have to be my own, editor, retoucher, art director, web master, IT Professional, and now I restore old photographs.  Just another skill to add to my arsenal to make my clients happy.

I didn't get a model release from her and of the photo I worked on.  So I decided to scan an old personal photo of Kate and the kids.  I held this photograph in my wallet the whole time I was in Saudi during Dessert Storm.  It was very tattered and lots of scratches.  I just wish I could turn Matthew's head so it looks like he's looking at the camera.  Oh well.  I never said I was that good in Photoshop.

Kate and the kidsKate and the kids


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