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Why have a Wedding at all?

July 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

There are 3 reasons to have a wedding.  The first is obvious.  It’s a celebration!  It’s where you gather the most important people in your lives in one location and enjoy this special day.  Some cultures celebrate for weeks let alone one night.  The next reason is all about the Bride.  She is the center of everyone’s attention.  The more attention she receives the more everyone realizes how important she is and how valuable she is to the groom.  The last reason to have a wedding is to proclaim their love and vows to each other in front of their God and all the witnesses of the day.  So, if you ignore these reasons to have a wedding, then don’t bother having a wedding at all.  But, if you cherish these reasons, then I want to be there to capture your wedding day. 

My marriage to my beautiful wife Kate was a very emotional one.  I cried through most of my vows and I’m not even sure if anyone could hear or even understand me.  They were tears of happiness of course!  It was my first marriage but her second.  This wedding was important to her because she was only married at the Justice of the Peace for her first marriage.  At the time, I wasn’t sure how important the wedding was to me.  All I could see was how much money we were spending!  But now, 25 years later, married to the same beautiful woman, I’m so glad we had the wedding! 

Now what I do wish is that we had hired a professional wedding photographer.  We only had Katey’s sister-in-law, Jill, take the photos during the ceremony and some at the reception.  I’m a little embarrassed to show them because they aren’t the best quality.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love these photos.  We were very fortunate Jill was there to capture some of the moments of our wedding.  But the only wedding album we have is the snap shots we took with a Kodak disposable camera and some others Jill took.  We don’t have any of the bride with her dress by herself.  Most of the images are under exposed or blurry.  But again, it’s one of our most precious and valued possession and it brings back so many special memories of our wedding day.

I am sharing my story to emphasize how important it is to hiring a good wedding photographer.  As a wedding photographer, I know how important your day will be especially 25 years from now.  Great photos only get better with time but blurry photos will leave a bad taste in your mouth.  Which photo would you rather have in your wedding album?

Kate and Jake's WeddingWedding Party Taken by Jill, Kate's sister-in-law Aimee and Oscar's WeddingWedding Party Taken by Jake at Red Bench Photography


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