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So, the wedding is over, you’re home from your honeymoon and you’ve gotten all your photos back from your Wedding Photographer.  It’s time to start designing your Wedding Album.  When you create your Wedding Album, you are creating a treasured heirloom that you can share with your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren for years to come! You are creating the first part of your family’s history.  It’s important and should not be taken lightly, but how do you build your Wedding Album?  

The very best way to get a high-quality well-designed Wedding Album that captures all of your special moments and tells your love story perfectly, is to have your Professional Wedding Photographer design your Wedding Album.  If you included the album in your Wedding Photography Package, then all you have to do is just approve the work once the Wedding Album is done!  However, if you are a do it your-selfer and want to build your own Wedding Album, we have a few tips for you to create the perfect Wedding Album.

  1. Don't procrastinate. This is a time-consuming task and you will likely spend many hours getting it just right.  Days turn into weeks, weeks into months and months into years.  Before you know it, you’ll be celebrating your 1-year anniversary and still won’t have your Wedding Album!  Make the time and commitment to get it done within the first three months after your wedding.  You’ll be so glad you did on that anniversary date.
  2. Pick your absolute favorites.  It can be a little overwhelming going through a thousand photos.  Yes, I said 1,000 photos!  Sometimes it’s more.  Going through a thousand images can be overwhelming and there is no way to get all of them into an album.  You have to pick the photos you can’t live without.  Select your “must have photos” and see what you’re left with.  Then go back and start the process again.  This will get the overwhelming pile of images down to a manageable selection.  Try and get them down to less than 100.  Yes, I know, from a 1,000 to less than 100 seems like a large selection you are discarding.  Remember, these 100 images are going into an album with 20 to 30 pages.  Each page should not contain more than 2 to 3 images.  Your favorite images may take up 2 pages, or the entire spread! 2-The-Importance-of-a-Wedding-Album2-The-Importance-of-a-Wedding-Album
  3. Scale your Wedding Album with the size of your wedding.  If your wedding was a 4-day extravaganza, then you’re going to need more pages and more images. You may need a few albums like a 3 volume set with 90 pages each.
  4. Tell your story.  Once you’ve culled through your images, place them in chronological order.  Some images may contain a time stamp.  Digitals are easy because they are numbered.  If you had multiple photographers at your wedding be sure they sync their cameras with the same time stamp.  This way all the photographers’ digitals can be sorted chronologically.  If they didn’t you’ll have to sort them manually.
  5. Full page spreads show off the best photos.  Key moments should be represented with a full spread, 2 pages.  Most album makers now can make a seamless spread so when you open the page it’s a huge photo! 
  6. Mix it up with shades of Gray and Full Color.  Black and white photos represent a timeless effect.  They are classic, clean and very nostalgic.  But if your wedding was full of color then make sure to show off its full vibrancy.  You can do some pretty amazing things nowadays with color selection.  I know most photographers don’t like this effect but if done correctly it can be a great effect in your Wedding Album.
  7. Lay out one spread at a time.  Each spread is 2 pages.  Make sure the images flow from one page to the next.  It’s all about telling the story of your wedding day.  The flow is more important than the order.  So be sure to place some details along the way so you remember not only the people, but the atmosphere.  Include photos of the flowers, the wedding alter, the rings, the pace settings, the candles, etc. These pictures will help to transport you back in time.  You will be able to smell the flowers and feel the air and excitement. 4-The-Importance-of-a-Wedding-Album4-The-Importance-of-a-Wedding-Album
  8. Choose the cover materials, paper and finishes. Do you want leather, stamped leather, natural leather?  What color? Do you want a printed hard cover, an acrylic photo cover, a metal print cover?  Luster paper, metallic paper? Deep matte, high-gloss, linen texure, canvas texture? Fabric end sheets or paper? Do you want embossed text?  What color?  Do you want gilded pages?  What color? The options are endless and exhausting!  Take the time to make sure that you review all of the options and get exactly the look and feel that you want.  Remember this will last forever!
  9. Send it all off to the Wedding Album printer. Once you have created the perfect Wedding Album, send it all off to the printer.  They will package everything and print it to your specifications.  They can even do additional Photoshop and color correcting of the images, if you like.  The album should take about 3-4 weeks on average to arrive.
  10. Display your album where it can be enjoyed. You’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating your Wedding Album.  Don’t put it up in the bookcase where it will become forgotten and rarely seen.  Display it prominently so that you and others will be invited to pick it up and browse through the pages and walk through the memories over and over again. 5-The-Importance-of-a-Wedding-Album5-The-Importance-of-a-Wedding-Album

If creating your own Wedding Album seems completely overwhelming, don’t worry…you’re not alone. This is a big job with big decisions. That’s why we suggest that you have your Professional Wedding Photographer take care of designing and creating your Wedding Album.  Your Professional Wedding Photographer has greater access to professional photography labs and Wedding Album vendors.  They have spent hours reviewing, contacting, and talking to many vendors to ensure high-quality and the best options and materials.  Your Professional Wedding Photographer has the know-how and experience to put all of the moments and details of your big day into a beautiful heirloom Wedding Album.  This piece of history will serve as a lasting reminder of your perfect day for years to come!


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