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Wedding Photography Price Range

July 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment has a really good article about the average cost of a wedding photographer around the nation.  See below for the chart and click to go to the article.  The main point is “…even if you're on a tight budget, invest in the best wedding photographer you can afford.”  In other words, hire a wedding photographer you are comfortable with both in cost and in person. 
Comparing Wedding Photography Prices
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My services are more expensive than most but I offer a lot in my packages.  I am more above average cost around the nation especially for Miami/Ft Lauderdale area.  To create a custom package for a bride who wants two photographers all day, a photo album plus all their digitals may cost up to $4,000.  And they pay me a week before the wedding or I don’t show up for their wedding day.  Now if you are thinking that is a crazy price, I am not the right photographer for you.  No hard feelings.  I wish you luck in finding the right photographer for you and your budget.  But if you are wanting to know more about what kind of wedding album and if it’s going to have a custom bound leather backing with an acrylic front cover with the photo of you in an artistic pose showcasing the bridal gown and the bouquet, you are a well-educated bride and we definitely need to talk more about all the details of your wedding to build your perfect wedding album! 

Getting back to the cost, why does a wedding photographer cost so much?  And why is there such a broad range in wedding photographer costs?  Some other photographer may only charge a fraction of what I charge.  What’s the old saying?  “You get what you pay for.”  This is especially true for wedding photographers.  If you only pay $300 for a wedding photographer, then you’ll only get low end service with lots of blurry photos.  There are many variables in my costs.  The people who pay for a wedding photographer only gets to see them work for that day.  They don’t see before the wedding day visiting the venue at the same hour the wedding will take place to measure the right light and see where the best spots are to take the formal portraits of the bride and groom.  They don’t see during the wedding tipping the bartender to setup the perfect scene for the groomsmen to take their photo toasting to the groom one last time before he is to be married.  They don’t see after the wedding day, editing photos, making sure all photos have the highest and sharpest resolutions possible for each and every photo being published.  They don’t see the hours going into designing a wedding album for them.  Nor do they see the research that the photographer does contacting photo labs and vetting them for the best quality.  Do you think I would do all this for $300.  I wouldn’t leave the comfort of my couch for $300.  Again, if you think I’m too much then I’m not the right photographer for you.   

So you’re still thinking about how to get around not paying for a wedding photographer.  You ask your friend with that really cool camera they got for Christmas to take the photos of your wedding.  You’ve seen some of their pictures on Instagram and think they are pretty good.  There’s a couple of things wrong with that.  First, if he or she really is your friend then wouldn’t you rather he or she enjoy your wedding day as a guest and not as the hired help?  Besides, they may get caught up taking photos of their friends and miss the great shots (or would have been great shots) of the bride.  You’ll get all the digitals from them.  There may even be a couple of hundred photos, of the backs of people’s heads, or of the ground when he misfired his camera, or blurry photos of the bridal party.  And then you notice there are no photos of just the wedding dress or the bride by herself holding the bouquet. What about photos of the groom and his parents who flew in from out of state!  No photos of the ring bearer at all in his cute little tuxedo!  What was I thinking!  You’ll love all the photos and not say anything to your friend about how disappointed you are about missing out on some great memories.

My point is like, hire the wedding photographer already!  You deserve it!

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